A Tough Year For Transat Holidays – Travel News

It was a tough 2011 for Transat AT Inc. Compared to a profit of $52.4 million in 2010, the Canadian tour operator based out of Montreal posted a fourth quarter loss of $4.5 million and a loss on the year of $12.2 million. Despite increased revenues of almost $30 million, the company missed their expectations partially due to restructuring and higher fuel costs combined with difficult economic conditions. Although they do still face a challenging 2012, the future looks bright and both travel agents and the traveling public shouldn’t panic just yet.

Keep in mind, the travel industry is a roller coaster of ups and downs, of trends and fads, it is often a very unpredictable market that makes it hard to forecast upcoming expectations. The best thing an airline or tour operator can do is try to predict where this ever-changing market is heading, adjust your course, and hope that at the end of the day, when the dust settles, you are profitable and looked upon favorably as a leader in the industry. This is what Transat AT Inc. is doing.

As part of their restructuring, they are looking at ways of enhancing their hotel product and upgrading their fleet. This includes the retrofitting of 5 of their Airbus A330s with new seats, configurations, lighting and entertainment in the next year with several more over the next two years. Transat is also currently in talks with their hotel partners negotiating to reduce costs and offer exclusive products. The improvements to their fleet is, of course… mostly for aesthetic purposes to provide the consumer with a positive experience. The improvements to their already impressive product line-up is what should be the proverbial kicker.

In the winter, Transat Holidays has for over 20 years been an industry leader in the leisure travel market to Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America by offering many exclusive hotels to the hottest destinations. During the European travel season (spring/summer), not only do they offer over 30 destinations and the most flight options of any Canadian charter, the product add-ons for tours, hotels, and excursions available through Transat Holidays make them the smart choice for the full holiday experience. By improving on an already “year-round” quality product as it is now, Transat can only have success and profitability in the coming future.

The fact is this. Restructuring, upgrading and improving your business costs money. At times it hurts the bottom dollar but in the case of Air Transat Holidays, it is an investment that is not only worth it, but necessary in such a competitive market and will pay off dividends in the next couple of years.

A Popular Travel Directory For Your Travel Website

Meet the world’s largest travel and tourism directory. All listings are free and your business website can be listed in the appropriate category. In addition to the directory information, you will definitely find useful travel news about airlines, car rental, hotels, maps, directions, and other information needed by a traveler or a travel professional.

A journey to an international destination requires some careful planning; it is not an easy task and to get the right information for your travel plans is paramount. Often, you need to check these information before you get there. A good destination guide allows you to make the right decision, choosing between many similar supplier websites.

Restaurants, hotels and flights near your choice of stay are also very important. Because you need to compare results in order to obtain a good price. This travel directory has these information readily available and easy accessible.

Online booking now enables travel operators to avoid middleman enabling them to price their travel packages cheaper. Travelindex directory helps customers to find cheap travel packages if they do a little of the work themselves like surfing it to locate cheap travel solutions to fit their requirements. With the availability of online travel services, you do not need to visit shop to shop for a travel agent or make endless phone calls to obtain quotes.

Travelindex directory, with its Best Destination.com is a destination guide which can be consulted when a visitor needs information about anything regarding travel and destinations. Do not start your trip without preparation. Get the latest travel professional news that will make your journey more pleasant and productive and get you where you want to go with the greatest possible ease.

Listing on Travelindex directory is simple and easy. Firstly, you need to create a personal account, free memberships are also provided and after that you can add your website to contribute and inform others with specialized travel related information. As a member you can publish, for free, your latest travel news, best or last minute offers and even a video about your property, hotel or services. For all these reasons it is important for you to select this online travel directory as the ultimate travel marketing platform for your travel and tourism business while assisting travelers to get great travel arrangements done.

There are various benefits of online travel directories and destinations guides like affordability, speed of services and convenience. You can get a lot of quotes from various online companies very quickly over the Internet and you can also obtain a great deal at the best price. By booking your travel professionals online, you not only get a competitive quote but also make your travel arrangements at the comfort of your home or office. Thus online travel booking can save your time and money.

The advanced search form on Travelindex is very comprehensive and lets you refine your search by combining several search criteria to filter the search results to the best matches possible. The listings detailed information is a model for the industry and brings you all contact details including direct links to website, booking page and email of the listed travel and tourism company, allowing you to ge in touch directly with your selected provider and to plan your nest trip with confidence.

The Growth in People Powered 24 News and Breaking News Internet Websites

There have been similar websites / concepts but these were based on earlier technologies, typically the mobile phone using MMS, they could never provide the comprehensive service now offered by the newer technology Internet news sites.

Mobile Phone Technology

Whilst mobile phones were successful for sending news and pictures, for example the Tsunami in Thailand, the mobile phone network often cannot cope with the volume of traffic during such an event. Networks were overwhelmed with people trying to phone friends or relatives to see if they were safe.

Within a very time of the London Bombings, mobile phone networks were unable to cope and the situation was made worse by people continually pressing re-dial.

Phone networks expect a certain volume of traffic based on the number of people who have subscribed to that network; the internet works on a different principle and so does not cease to function efficiently during a time of increased communication.

Breaking News

The speed at which breaking news hits the internet cannot be bettered as it only takes few a minutes for a user / reporter to send news in 3 easy steps:-

1. Click to write & report news

2. Add videos, photos & tags

3. Login or register to submit

Coverage of a UK based Internet News Website is typically:-

  • London and the Southwest
  • N Ireland
  • North
  • North East
  • North West
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • South West
  • Midlands
  • European and World Coverage.

There may also be other tabs for Travel news, entertainment, sport, business, politics, technology. New websites using Content Management Systems like Drupal (used by the White House) can easily cope with vast amounts of information.

News from any country in the world can be put on the website as easily and quickly as regional news, and the user can read the news they are interested in at the click of a button.

This contrasts to 24 hour news on the Television, where the viewer has to see news that may not be relevant to them while they wait for the news item that they are interested in. If they tune in to the same 24 hour news channel 30 minutes later, they may notice that some of the news is on a sort of loop, and they have to watch the same story again, even though they were disinterested in it the first time around.

24 hours news, the Ipad and mobile Internet Devices

The internet is now the best medium for breaking 24 hour news because of the increasingly widespread use of mobile internet devices. Examples are the Ipad, tablet pc’s, notebooks and the latest generation of mobile phone with fast and efficient internet access.

Today’s young professional increasingly use internet news sites at home and work. They can quickly zoom in on items of news, business or travel and then move on to the next item in their busy schedule.


When large numbers of consumers bought and used mobile phones either in addition to their fixed lines or as an alternative to having a fixed phone line, it affected the way we communicate. It is expected that as large numbers of consumers buy and use mobile internet devices in addition to, or as an alternative to their ‘fixed line’ (broadband or network at work / University), there will be increased use of highly successful people powered 24 hour breaking news internet sites.

Efficient Sales Travel Planning – Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

There’s no getting around it…for most of us in sales, times are tough. Sales managers everywhere are faced with shrinking travel budgets and getting pressure to reduce their cost of sales. One way to go is simply to stop traveling. This cuts costs, but is death to new business, and ultimately leads to a failed sales plan…and a failed business. In tough times, you need your sales force on the streets more than ever, knocking on doors and bringing in the new business that is still out there. Yet companies have significantly curtailed business travel.

A new survey by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives found that 71 percent of travel managers foresee spending less money on corporate travel and events in 2009. “Business travel is down in the range of 20 to 25 percent on a global basis,” according to, Sam Gilliland, Sabre Holdings chairman and CEO, speaking at a recent business travel News symposium. “Even with large corporations, and in particular financial services, you see travel down in the 30 percent range” according to Gilliland.

So as corporate belts get tightened we continue to cut travel budgets, and end up seeing fewer prospects in the bargain. Seeing fewer prospects results in less sales, leading to tighter travel budgets…and a downward spiral that’s tough to pull out of.

You don’t want to stop traveling, but you still need to cut costs. Here’s how you can reduce your travel costs, while at the same time, increasing your sales. The solution is to help your sales force plan smarter sales travel – maximizing the amount of sales calls they make, while expending the least amount of travel effort and dollars.

As the old saying goes, ‘prior planning prevents poor performance’. So drill it into your sales reps that when planning sales travel, they need to think ahead. Make sure that whenever possible, they schedule sales calls with companies that are geographically close together. Ensure they create an efficient route that moves logically from account to account, taking the quickest routes that cover the least miles. When looking for hotels, restaurants and other business services required on the road, make sure your team makes every effort to choose locations that are on their route of travel so that they save time and fuel.

So how do you help your sales force work their territory more effectively, intelligently planning out a sales strategy that maximizes time in front of prospects while minimizing travel expenses? First, make sure they have the right tools. Tell them to purchase a laptop travel planning software. There are several products to choose from, including Microsoft Streets and Trips, MapPoint, Garmin Mobile PC, Delorme StreetAtlas, ESRI Business map and more. Most laptop software packages are in the $30 to $50 range, and most offer a bundled GPS receiver, with several of the combined packages running under $80.

With a laptop mapping solution, your team can import their prospect lists into the map, so that they see each account plotted right down to their street address. They’ll assign unique identity pushpins to groups of prospects and customers to instantly identify the type of accounts in an area. Seeing the ‘big picture’ will help your sales people to spot opportunities they might have missed.

Laptop mapping programs incorporate planning tools that help sales people easily plan the most efficient and practical way to get in front of the account with the least amount of effort and expense. They are much more powerful than a Personal Navigation Device (PND) because they allow reps to find prospects and generate ‘what if’ routing scenarios based on their calls. PND’s are great for helping you get to where you already know you want to go – but for sales people, it’s more important to decide where you need to go to in the first place.

Choosing a combination package with a GPS Receiver helps your sales force travel more confidently, receiving turn by turn directions right to the prospect’s door. Since they need to carry a laptop anyway, using a GPS receiver with planning software will save you a couple hundred dollars per rep as compared to buying them a Personal Navigation Device . And, it’s more convenient for them, since all of their accounts are right there on the map, ready for them to route to.

You may be asking yourself – why should I have my team purchase software to run on their laptop when there are free online mapping services…I’m trying to cut costs – right? The answer is – when it comes to comparing online mapping versus laptop mapping solutions, it’s best to remember – you get what you pay for.

The features and functionally of the laptop packages far outweigh their online cousins. Laptop trip planning software allows you to load thousands of prospect and customer locations into your map quickly and easily. Your reps can have the map with them at all times, without being dependent on an internet connection.

They’ll update their maps with information that is critical to them while traveling their territory, and be able to respond to changes quickly and efficiently. A new prospect just called in? Plot them on the map and see if they fit into the current trip plan. Have a meeting canceled while on the road? Use the search tools to find a new prospect that’s within a specified drive time. Need a restaurant with free Wi-Fi on the way to the next client? Quickly search the map and add it to the route.

Planning more efficient sales trips that maximize time in front of prospects, and reduce wasted travel time and dollars will increase sales and reduce costs. Sure – times are tough for those of us in sales. But when the going gets tough, the tough look for new ways to get the job done. Laptop mapping software will help your sales team get it done.