Keeping Track of Air Travel News

People in general like to travel and so travelling is not always a necessity but it is also a passion for many. In earlier times the means of journey for people used to be boats and ships and it was using those ships that the early settlers from Europe came to North America. Then the trains were invented, first it was the steam engine trains, next came the electrical trains and recently the super fast bullet trains that can run at the top speed of 350 miles per hour. However, it was the invention of the commercial planes which has revolutionized mankind’s means of travelling.

What is Air Travel News?
It is nothing but any information that relates to the aviation industry. Information could include any travel advisory from the authorities, warnings issued against going to countries or regions under any violent agitation or war, accidents or plane crashes, news about price hikes or discounts etc.

Why is it important?
People who travel frequently need to be aware of such information. For example, during the recent uprising in Egypt, governments of most of the western countries issued warnings against going to Egypt for security reasons. Thus, we should be aware of such developments for our own good. Besides, a lot of times companies offer huge discounts on ticket prices and, as these discounts are for a limited period, we will miss out on them if we do not follow the news about air travel. In order to obtain good discounts while buying air tickets, it is advisable that one keeps a track of air travel news from time to time as it will let us now about various offers available in the market.

Also, it has been noticed that airlines make a lot of changes in their rules and regulations like the amount of luggage a person can carry on an international flight, list of permitted items etc. So, it is better to be informed about these changes, by following air travel news, so that they do not cause any trouble while travelling.

Air Travel News
The best way to get air travel news is on the internet; there are websites that regularly post all important events and other information related to this industry. The other way would be to watch news broadcasts on TV channels as they too carry all the necessary information about the aviation industry which could affect people in general.

Air Flight Tips:10 Really Great Websites For Travelers

If you’ve got a flight coming up soon, and a little extra time to spend preparing for your flight, you might want to try checking out a few of these sites that offer information and tips on air travel.

  1. – Started by a frequent traveler in 2001, SeatGuru is a repository of information on the difference between airline seats. The site offers detailed seat maps, specific comments and observations about the seats, color coding to differentiate between the quality in seats, information on seat pitch and width measurements in all classes, and icons that inform on in-flight services.
  2. – Those who travel frequently know the ins and outs of air travel. 1000 tips offers advice from people just like you who travel and have learned from their mistakes and successes on their trips.
  3. – What could the ASPCA possibly have to tell you about air travel? Many pet owners often have to take their pets on airplanes, and their site offers top ten tips for safe air travel with your pet.
  4. – The magazine Budget Travel has a website that is filled with the same timely and budget conscious advice that the print magazine is filled with. For air travelers, there are the basic travel tips about packing, advice on frequent flyer miles programs, tips for traveling with children or for sending children alone on an airplane, and advice that falls in between all of these topics.
  5. – What’s the best FAA approved seat that converts automatically into a stroller? What advice do flight attendants have for parents who bring children on board? Where can I get a pre-made carry-on packing list for my kids? All of these questions and many more are answered at Flyingwithkids. This site, which bills itself as a place for “air travel tips for families flying with an infant or small child” has product reviews, advice, packing lists, and travel stories for those who find themselves sitting next to a small one on board. There is even a place for visitors to the site to ask questions that they don’t see already answered on the page.
  6. – There are special considerations for senior citizens when they are traveling on an airplane, and this site explains what they may be. Tips on getting discounted airfare, combating fear of flying, and dealing with delays, overbooking and involuntary bumping can be found here.
  7. USA Today’s Today in the Sky blog – USA Today offers a column in the form of a blog that gives news and analysis about airlines, airports, and air travel. Ben Mutzabaugh posts news related to air travel several times a day on his blog that ranges from what laws the government is passing for airlines to which airports are cutting flights to which airline is beginning to charge for a previously free amenity. If it’s timely air travel or airline news, Today in the Sky is covering it. Since the column is a blog, readers can post comments and questions about the articles. The blog is also categorized so readers who interested in seeing the pieces just on one topic, such as baggage, can find all related entries easily.
  8. – Worldairportguide has taken the information from most of the major international airports in the world and put it all in one convenient site for travelers to find. The site gives basic information such as airports’ addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  9. – Want to know which airlines offer the best ammenties? What’s the best day of the week to book air travel? What are today’s top air travel news items?
  10. – Six years ago, most airline travelers would have never thought to visit the Transportation Security Authority’s website for information before traveling. However, since 9/11, security has been increased for all forms of travel and especially for air travel.

Travel With a Tour Group Or on Your Own?

When asked, “What would you like to do when you retire?” a surprising number of people answer simply, “Travel.”

When retirement finally arrives and people give themselves permission to see the world, are they more likely to travel alone or in a group? Which is better?

Some people absolutely love traveling in a group. Even when they go on a cruise, where everything is already pretty much laid out for you–some people prefer to go cruisin’ with a group of friends and acquaintances.

Many people like the tour group approach to travel because of its “worry free” features. Tour group travel includes experts who know what they are doing. These experts make all the necessary arrangements. They…

  • Buy tickets
  • Create an itinerary of notable sightseeing places of interest
  • Make reservations for overnight accommodations
  • Offer suitable suggested places to eat
  • Handle emergencies during the tour

Also, traveling with a group provides the feeling of safety in numbers, as one travels to unfamiliar places.

Despite the advantages of traveling with a group, many people enjoy traveling on their own. Some begin their travels with a group and then discover that they would prefer making their own decisions regarding their travel itinerary and arrangements.

Rick Steves is a tour guide who encourages all kinds of travel, but with a passion for those who want to experience the local flavor of one’s travel destinations.

In his newsletter, Travel News, Rick Steves reflects: “What distinguishes great travels from typical trips? It’s those places and opportunities when travelers can reach beyond their comfort barriers (self- or industry-imposed) and actually connect with the people and cultures they’ve traveled so far to experience.”

For the independent traveler who wants to slow down and “actually connect with the people and cultures they’ve traveled so far to experience,” the home exchange provides a perfect solution. During a home exchange, two households swap homes. The home exchange provides the traveler a residence in someone else’s community, a truly unique opportunity for connecting with the local people and culture.

Numerous online home exchange companies have emerged during the past 10 years to help travelers create a home exchange.

The home exchange movement began during the 1950s among European teachers who went in search of an affordable holiday. Now, hundreds of thousands of travelers are embracing the home exchange as they plan their vacations.

As the world gets smaller and smaller, due to modern technology, the urge to travel seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Increasingly, people wonder, “Why wait until retirement to start traveling?” It’s a point worth considering. Just remember, the trip of a thousand miles always begins with the first step. Once you have resolved to take that trip, consider your options: do you want to travel with a group or on your own. Either option is a great way to travel. The important thing is to act on your resolve–take that first step.